The Café Selva Norte Project Peru

The Café Selva Norte project is based on a joint venture between six strong cooperatives of Peru northern region. Although these cooperatives are professional organisations that, export hundreds of tons of coffee each year and are recognized in the markets, they still face major problems that restrain their own sustainable development as well as the one of their communities.

The Café Selva Norte Peru will allow the creation of a strong partnership between these cooperatives and Canopy SLF to insure the sustainable development of the coffee value-chain, reinforcing and empowering the main stakeholders, the cooperatives, and their producers.

Jaén - Norten Peru

Cajamarca - Amazonas

Cooperatives Project Partners

Project activities

Local Q-grading laboratory and international logistics team

Local state-of-the-art dry processing mill, co-owned by coops for improved quality and traceability

Micro-credit for land use transition to sustainably productive coffee agroforestry systems

Monitoring of activities’ environmental impacts and carbon offset generation within a VCS certified project


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