Northern Peru Green Coffee Offer

Updated as of July 20, 2021
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Offer from:  An alliance of 8 cooperatives and 3,000 coffee producers in the “Café Selva Norte” project.

Other Certifications: UTZ, Rainforest, C.A.F.E. Practices certifications can be included in the offer at the same price.

Origin: Amazonas and Cajamarca – North of Peru.

Open contracts: As the market is above 140.00 USD, we can only provide an offer with open prices.

FTO offers: The minimum prices already have integrated certificate premiums: 140.00 + 20.00 (FT premium) + 30.00 (organic premium) + Quality Premium. 

Incoterm offered:  Free On Board.

Port of Shipment: Paita, Piura – Peru.

If you have specific requests such as Conventional coffee,  organic only coffees or other certifications or special qualities and profiles, please contact us:
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Our unique integrated sourcing model gives you traceability, constant quality, and sustainability