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Meet ElevaFinca

We work closely with an alliance of cooperatives, providing a wide range of offerings and reliable procurement services. Our commodities are sourced from cooperatives participating in agroforestry projects launched and financed by the Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund, a private equity fund.​

ElevaFinca is dedicated to facilitating services at origin for buyers, offering tailored solutions to meet their environmental and social impact objectives. 

Currently, we are actively engaged in coffee operations in Peru and Colombia, and we have exciting plans to expand our activities to Honduras. Our dedicated focus on South America enables us to immerse ourselves in the vibrant coffee-growing regions, where we have fostered strong relationships with local producers and cooperatives. To support our operations, we have established technical teams and offices at the coffee origins.

Geographical Focus

Peruvian landscape of the mountains

In Colombia, our state-of-the-art dry mill plant, De La Sierra Trilladora, is strategically located in Santa Marta, Magdalena Department. With a processing capacity of 52 bags of 70 kg per hour for excelso and 9 bags of 70 kg per hour for microlots, honey, and natural coffee, we ensure the highest quality standards. Full article here.

In Peru, Café Selva Norte operates our dry mill, with an impressive capacity of 10 tons per hour. This allows for efficient processing, enabling us to handle a full container of coffee within approximately 3.5 hours. With the capability to process four full containers daily, we ensure timely delivery and maintain the integrity of the beans. Full article here.

Dry Mills

CSN Dry Mill structure

We oversee the processing of washed parchment coffee and specialty micro-lots, managing tasks from pre-cleaning to the final stages of optical color sorting. This includes liner and burlap bagging, as well as the loading of the final containers

Care of the Processed Coffee


Upon coffee arrival, we quickly sample and analyze each lot to ensure compliance with customer-set parameters, categorizing them into their respective certification areas.

Transparency & Traceability


Our Dry Mills are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery from CIMBRIA, a globally renowned brand specializing in grain and seed processing equipment.

Equipment Quality and Efficiency


Cimbria milling equipment stands out for its excellent energy efficiency. Tt minimizes energy consumption, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability. 

Energy Consumption


In adherence to environmental standards, our coffee processing plants have implemented Environmental Management Plans to minimize their ecological impact.

Environmental Impact


We ensure that the locations of our facilities are strategically advantageous for coffee producers.



Have a positive impact with every purchase.

Sales facilitated by ElevaFinca foster alignment of interests among buyers, cooperatives, and small producers. This approach supports sustainable land management and encourages the expansion of agroforestry areas to counteract land degradation. 

Every transaction processed through ElevaFinca contributes to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the URAPI Sustainable Land Use Fund.

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