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Coffee Offerings

We highly value long-term partnerships, considering them integral to our mission.

At Origin, our dedicated teams are committed to providing the utmost service, mitigating risks, and perpetually enhancing our offerings. 


Offer from: An alliance of 11 cooperatives and 3,000 coffee producers in the “Café Selva Norte” project.

Other Certifications: We can provide specific certifications upon request.

Origin: Amazonas and Cajamarca – Northern Peru.  Cusco- Southern Peru.

Incoterm offered: Free On Board.

Port of Shipment: Paita, Piura – Peru.  Callao, Callao-Peru.

Updated as of Jul 10th 2024 


Offer from: Organizations of small coffee producers within the project "RioSierra“.

Origin: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta,  Colombia, Tolima, Huila y Cauca.

Incoterm offered: Free On Board.

Port of Shipment: Santa Marta (If Cartagena port is required, please add 5.00 USD to the price/100lb) (*).

Shipments in GrainPro bags: Additional 3.00 USD to the price/100lb. (*)

Updated as of Jul 10th 2024 


Offer from: 9 organizations of small coffee producers within the project "Aromas Cafe y Miel".
Certifications: We can provide specific certifications upon request.
Origin: El Paraíso, Intibuca and Santa Bárbara Regions.
Incoterm offered: Free On Board.
Port of shipment: Puerto Cortes.

Updated as of Jul 10th 2024 


Sustainability package.

Within the coffee offer, you have the option to add the ElevaFinca Premium which is 0.05 USD/lb. This premium allows us to strengthen our fieldwork and cooperatives’ within the alliance. With the purchase of this premium, you receive a Green Coffee Transparency & Traceability Report. This report includes :

• Key information on the cooperatives and pictures.

• Information on the project activities linked with the purchase.

• The list of productors involved, types of coffee and quantities

• The carbon offsetting of green coffee transportation.

• Carbon offset Certificate.

By selecting our premium package you become partner of a large-scale sustainable value chain project and contribute to increasing its

In the coming years, ElevaFinca's partner ecosystem will generate carbon credits through internal reforestation and conservation initiatives, such as the Café Selva Norte project integrated into the coffee supply chain. Until then, the ElevaFinca premium carbon credits are sourced from the Madre de Dios Amazon REDD project, conserving 100,000 hectares of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon. This region, recognized as the biodiversity capital of Peru, faces challenges like illegal mining and timber activities. The project serves as a dual protector of the rainforest and promoter of sustainable economic endeavors.

Carbon Offsetting 

• Investing in partner cooperatives and their producers to increase incomes and improve livelihoods via renovation of their farms, increases in productivity and quality.

• Improving coffee quality via training and investments in wet processing, drying equipment and quality control capacities.

• Gaining recognition for social and environmental impacts resulting from field activities, e.g. via the generation of carbon credits.

Peruvian Landscape and sunset

Origin Projects

Peruvian landscape with mountains

North of Peru - Café Selva Norte

Café Selva Norte, Urapi's inaugural venture, collaborates with 10 northern Peruvian cooperatives to combat land degradation. We provide financial backing for farm renovation and agroforestry, operate a cutting-edge mill co-owned by cooperatives, and generate carbon credits through VCS-certified projects, enhancing value for both cooperatives and members.

Colombian landscape

Colombia - RioSierra

RioSierra, situated in Colombia's Sierra Nevada National Park buffer zone, promotes sustainable practices in coffee, cocoa, and honey production. With diverse partners, it prioritizes environmental stewardship, community empowerment, and economic resilience. Through innovative approaches, RioSierra advances rural development in Colombia, ensuring a prosperous future for all stakeholders.

Honduras landscape

Honduras - Aroma Café & Miel

The Honduras Aroma Café & Miel Project, a strategic alliance between Urapi and 12 cooperatives in Honduras, is dedicated to advancing sustainable development in coffee and honey value chains. Focused on financing agroforestry initiatives, enhancing processing capabilities, and facilitating direct market access, the project strives for holistic and impactful growth.

South of Peru - Kuska

The Kuska Project is organized around an alliance between Urapi and the COCLA Cooperative Central in Quillabamba Province, Cusco, Peru. COCLA groups more than 1000 coffee, cocoa, and honey producers with excellent growth potential. In 2012 COCLA counted more than 6000 producers among its members. Since 2012, COCLA has been experiencing a financial crisis that has weakened its operations without affecting its potential strength as a social organization.  

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