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Grand Opening of the RioSierra SAS Coffee Dry Mill « De La Sierra Trilladora »

We are excited to announce that on the Friday 22nd of September was the grand opening of RioSierra SAS’s Dry Mill De La Sierra Trilladora, a momentous occasion that signifies a giant leap forward in our commitment to enhancing the sustainability of the coffee value chain. This endeavor represents a collaborative effort between RioSierra, Ecotierra, and the Urapi Land Use Fund, united by a shared vision of fostering long-term sustainability and uplifting the livelihoods of coffee producers.

Many members of the Colombian coffee value chain participated in the event. It brought together producers, collective organizations of small producers, representatives of Colombian coffee guilds, exporters, importers and others.

Group photo of at the grand opening of the RioSierra SAS Dry Mill

Acknowledging Our Investors

As we embark on this new chapter, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who have made this initiative possible. We appreciate the unwavering support and belief in our mission from various partners.

Exploring the De La Sierra Trilladora

Our state-of-the-art dry mill, De La Sierra Trilladora, is located in Santa Marta, Magdalena Department, Colombia, just a stone's throw away from the Port of Santa Marta. This impressive facility boasts the capacity to process 52 bags of 70 kg per hour for excelso and 9 bags of 70 kg per hour for microlots, honey, and natural coffee. We've spared no effort in upholding quality, ethics, and trust in our operations. To achieve this, we've integrated cutting-edge machinery from CIMBRIA, a globally renowned brand in grain and seed processing equipment. Our commitment to quality preservation is exemplified by our Polisher HAMSA M14, which ensures optimal quality by preserving moisture content and preventing fragmentation or heating. We've also introduced optical selectors like the SEA TRUER and SEA CHROMEX models, equipped with ultraviolet cameras and operating under the UV spectrum, allowing us to remove aged coffees and beans contaminated with fungi, aflatoxins, and ochratoxins.

In adherence to environmental standards, our processing plant has implemented an Environmental Management Plan that minimizes ecological impact. Our advanced dust extraction system, equipped with a sleeve filter, sets new standards in coffee processing plants and aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability.

Inauguration speech at the RioSierra SAS Dry Mill opening

A Collective Vision

This venture is a testament to our dedication to empowering local coffee producers and cooperatives. We've already initiated partnerships with four associations of small local producers in the region, and we continue to explore ways to enhance access to Dry Mill facilities and services for local coffee producers.

Sustainability at the Core

Sustainability is not just a goal but a guiding principle for De La Sierra Trilladora. In the short term, we aim to process 50,000 bags of 70 kilograms per year, with plans to increase production to 78,000 bags within the third year of operation. Market expansion is also on our agenda, as we aim to collaborate with at least 10 associations of small producers. Our commitment to sustainability encompasses waste management, energy efficiency, and water conservation measures throughout our operations.

Group photo of key actors in the realisation of the RioSierra SAS Dry Mill Inauguration

Join Us on This Journey

For those interested in accessing our mill services, please reach out to our commercial coordinator, Estevan Gustavo Vargas, via email at Estevan will provide you with further information, address your inquiries, and guide you through the process of utilizing our mill services.

The opening of De La Sierra Trilladora in Colombia represents a significant stride toward creating a more sustainable and resilient coffee industry. It reflects our shared vision and dedication to making a positive impact in the world of coffee.

You can find an article from the Colombian press that covers the event here.

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