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Sample Period: Contracts, Harvest, & Samples

The first week of each month throughout 2022, our blog will highlight suggested action items and reminders for green-coffee buyers to successfully contract their desired volumes, qualities, and delivery times for the Peruvian harvest season.

The main harvest in Peru continues into August, with approximately 40% of the harvest already purchased leaving 60% of the annual harvest available for contracting. This will quickly change as August is the most popular month for booking most levels of quality, including newly harvested micro-lots.

Several buyers and cooperatives prepare for meetings in early August, serving as the prime time in the year to observe operations in Jaén and at the Café Selva Norte dry mill. Jaén is humming with activities, remaining extremely busy processing contracts and sending out pre-shipment samples for coffees to be delivered in August.

To avoid difficulties, securing contracts in August with pre-shipment samples approved before the end of the month is ideal. Due to the increasing scarcity of available shipping lines, even with scheduled September shipments and (PSS) approvals confirmed by the end of August, arrivals to domestic ports could still be as late as November or December as perishable exportable items often prioritize bookings, delaying coffee exports via Paita on the coast.

We look forward to working with you. Please do not hesitate to call or email sample requests to begin a discussion with the cooperatives participating in sustainability projects with ECOTIERRA.

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