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Coffee Roasters Decide the Future of Sustainable Coffees

All actions throughout the supply chain that support sustainable production are as important as the next, but one action surpasses them all…which coffees will be purchased by roasting companies to sell to their customers? Which stories will be told to their customers on how their coffees impact people and the environment, and can these stories be trusted?

Coffee roasting companies lead the way in building a more resilient coffee supply chain. They are the most important actor throughout the supply chain to developing a more socially, financially, and environmentally sustainable coffee market. Without the strong advocacy of the coffee roaster relaying the work being done at origin, the hard work being done to sustain healthy soils or produce higher quality coffees go unnoticed, or under-recognized.

Coffee roasters have been visiting coffee-producing countries to learn about the coffee they are purchasing to help better understand where the coffee comes from, how it was produced, and the conditions that exist surrounding its production. At times, there has been criticism drawn upon roasters that visit coffee growing origins as being excessive, unnecessary, or simply a waste of time, yet without these first-hand experiences, most of the trust and relationships built between the producer and roaster are rarely developed. Having a deeper connection will give roasters a better understanding and create a greater drive to share these efforts with their customers in their own communities.

At ElevaFinca, we make sure to keep track of the coffee’s information and ensure traceability and transparency. We also have access to quality visual content that is provided by our team at origin. Within our sustainability package, our communications department provides this material and creates a Traceability Report tailored to your orders. All this information and visuals can be used for coffee packaging. Our goal as an organization is to help elevate your sourcing experience by helping build awareness within your clientele and make an impact on producers' livelihood.

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