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ElevaFinca Introduces a New Operations Coordinator at Origin

Jaime’s addition to the team comes at the beginning of the harvest season. He will be monitoring team activities including the logistics, quality, communication, and marketing aspects, in addition to the general coordination between the areas of operations and commercial management. Jaime will regularly meet with cooperative management to develop and maintain progress and activities within ElevaFinca. His role will focus on strategies to continue improvements with internal processes and challenges that may arise between clients and cooperatives.

Jaime brings seven years of experience in the collection, processing, and exportation of cocoa derivatives, following his earning a degree in International Business Administration from Chiclayo-San Martin de Porres University. He has experience with organic programs and is skilled in negotiation between commercial actors and leadership teams.

To find out more about how experiences between commodities compare and contrast, we asked Jaime a few questions about this transition from cacao to the coffee industry.

How are chocolate and coffee sales similar?

Both the coffee and the cacao industry have the same logistical processes. Since both products are harvested from the field by the producer, they work hand in hand with the cooperatives in order to increase the yield and the quality of life of the producers. Both are commodities and they both work with prices referenced to the stock exchange.

What have you found to be very different between chocolate and coffee operations/sales?

The first thing I noticed was that the quality analysis is much more extensive and has many more variables, whereas cocoa is much simpler in quality attributes. The volumes negotiated are much larger in coffee. Business is much faster and more versatile in coffee.

Let’s all welcome Jaime to ElevaFinca and wish him success in his new role. We are excited to grow the team to help improve our clients and producer group relationships and service experience.

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