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Introducing RioSierra as an Exporter

We are proud to announce a significant development in our commitment to transparency and traceability. RioSierra, our project nestled in the beautiful buffer zone of Colombia's Sierra Nevada National Park, is embarking on a new venture - becoming an exporter of green coffee.

About the RioSierra Project

RioSierra promotes sustainable practices in coffee, cocoa, and honey production. With diverse partners, it prioritizes environmental stewardship, community empowerment, and economic resilience. Through innovative approaches, RioSierra advances rural development in Colombia, ensuring a prosperous future for all stakeholders.

Containers from the port of Santa Marta

Becoming an Exporter

RioSierra's decision to venture into coffee exportation opens up new avenues for income generation and supply chain control. By handling the export process directly, RioSierra gains control over a crucial link in the supply chain, reducing risks and ensuring seamless operations from parchment coffee entering our Dry Mill to the export. Moreover, this move fosters long-term relationships between producers and international buyers, ensuring consistent demand and supply crop after crop.

Benefits for Producers

For the associations within Red Ecolsierra, this transition signifies more than just a new business opportunity. It represents a shift towards sustainable relationships with international buyers. By partnering with RioSierra, producers gain direct access to valuable contacts and receive specialized support for international coffee negotiations. This support spans a range of key areas, including commercial labor, logistics, regulatory requirements, and financial risk management.

Bag of green coffee from the RioSierra Dry Mill

Challenges Ahead for RioSierra

RioSierra faces challenges in the competitive global coffee market, requiring a focus on quality, innovation, and efficient operations to maintain and grow market share. Accessing international markets means overcoming trade barriers and building strong partnerships with distributors, emphasizing strategic planning and relationship-building.

Lessons Learned from RioSierra's First Exportation

RioSierra's initial export experience highlighted the importance of meeting stringent quality standards, efficient logistics and navigating complex regulations. These lessons underscore the need for meticulous planning and risk management in future endeavors.


Our Commitment to Excellence

At ElevaFinca, we are committed to fostering mutually beneficial relationships between producers and buyers. Through initiatives like RioSierra's transition to exporter status, we aim to elevate the coffee industry by promoting transparency, sustainability, and quality at every step of the supply chain.

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