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Exciting News: $9.2 Million Investment For A New Project In Honduras.

We are delighted to announce the commencement of our latest investment endeavor, Aroma Café y Miel, in Honduras. This initiative represents a noteworthy milestone in our continued dedication to sustainable development within the coffee and honey value chains.

Project Overview

The Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund proudly introduces Aroma Café y Miel, a venture that stems from a strategic alliance between Urapi and 12 cooperatives in Honduras. This collaboration, supported by the esteemed Canadian NGO SOCODEVI since 2022, is designed to propel comprehensive and impactful growth within the coffee and honey sectors.

Map of all the cooperative that are implicated in the Aroma Café y Miel project in Honduras.

Project Goals Over 15 Years

Over the course of 15 years, Aroma Café y Miel aims to achieve several important objectives:

  1. Income Increase for Producers: We are dedicated to involving producers and favoring initiatives that contribute to a substantial increase in their income.

  2. Sustainable Agroforestry: Our goal is to convert hectares to sustainable agroforestry, promoting environmentally friendly practices.

  3. Preventing Deforestation: Aroma Café y Miel is committed to promoting better forestry practices to prevent deforestation and protect our natural resources.

  4. Enhancing Value Chains: We are establishing processing facilities to enhance both the honey and coffee value chains, simultaneously creating job opportunities.

Honduras Landscape. Agroforestry system.

Primary Project Goal

The primary focus of Aroma Café y Miel is to bolster the sustainable development of the coffee and honey value chains. This will be achieved by enhancing agroforestry processing capabilities and facilitating direct access to markets.

In alignment with our recent initiatives in Peru (Café Selva Norte) and Colombia (Riosierra), we are in the process of constructing a Dry Mill facility for coffee exportation. Rest assured, we will provide you with regular updates on this significant undertaking.

We are excited about the positive impact this project will have on the Honduran coffee and honey communities and the environment. Stay tuned for further updates. If you have any questions or inquiries about our new Honduras offer, feel free to reply to this email directly.

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