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Flavor And Aroma Forests in Colombia's Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta

We are excited to share some noteworthy updates and insights about our ongoing projects in Colombia, specifically in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region.

Project Spotlight: Flavor and Aroma Forests (BOSAR FFS) in Colombia

Within the collaborative framework of the URAPI Fund strategy in Colombia, RioSierra and ElevaFinca are actively working to establish Agroforestry Systems (SAF BOSAR) with a focus on "Flavor and Aroma Forests" in coffee, cocoa, and beekeeping production systems. The primary objective is to support sustainable development by improving agroforestry processing capacity and facilitating direct market access.

Producer planting coffee seedlings

Key Highlights:

  1. Participatory Creation: The Bosques de Sabor y Aroma was created collaboratively with coffee producers from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta belonging to the Ecolsierra Network.

  2. Diverse Production Systems: SAF BOSAR aims to increase productivity, diversify income through fine native timber, transitory crops, carbon credits, and enhance soil fertility.

  3. Current Progress: As of now, 77.25 hectares have been financed in SAF BOSAR and conservation beekeeping, promoting sustainable and diversified production systems.

  4. Building Alliances: ElevaFinca is actively collaborating with other organizations representing small coffee, cacao, and beekeeping farmers, forming alliances to establish more hectares of BOSAR FFS.

Colombian coffee farm landscape picture

Regional Context:

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is not just a geographical marvel; it is also one of the five UNESCO-declared biosphere reserves, contributing significantly to ecological, genetic, and cultural biodiversity. The region covers Magdalena, Guajira, and Cesar departments, with coffee being a vital economic sector for agricultural producers.

Cultural Significance: Indigenous communities, including Arhuacos, Kankuamos, Koguis, and Wiwas, play a crucial role in coffee production, preserving cultural heritage.

Distinctive Coffee: SNSM coffee holds a Denomination of Origin, recognized for its clean cup, balance, medium acidity, medium-high body, and delightful aromas with sweet notes of cinnamon and nuts.

National Importance: Coffee is a cornerstone of Colombia's economy, with 22 out of 32 departments contributing to its production.

Cup Profiles: Colombian coffee offers a diverse range of cup profiles, including low acidity, balanced, and high acidity, with flavor notes encompassing chocolate, citrus, tobacco, fruity, sweet, herbal, floral, wine, nutty, and bittersweet.

In the SNSM, ElevaFinca is committed to fostering sustainable and high-quality coffee production, preserving the unique biodiversity of the region, and building lasting partnerships with local communities.

For further inquiries, to organize a visit to Santa Marta, or to explore potential collaborations, feel free to reach out. ElevaFinca is dedicated to driving positive change in the Colombian coffee industry.

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