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Introducing our Cooperative Partners from Honduras

We are reaching out to provide you with the latest updates on the coffee harvest in Honduras for the 2023-2024 season and introduce our cooperative partners from Honduras. Emilio Medina, the president of the National Union of Coffee Exporters of Honduras (Unecafeh), has highlighted some key insights regarding this year's harvest.

Denis Joel Perez and Domitila Salgado producer members of the COMICAOL cooperative picking coffee cherries

Denis Joel Perez and Domitila Salgado producer members of the COMICAOL cooperative.

According to Emilio Medina, there has been a noticeable decline in both coffee exports and the overall harvest. Specifically, there has been an eight percent decrease in coffee exports and a ten percent decrease in the harvest compared to the previous year. In October 2023, Honduras exported only 45 thousand quintals of coffee, a significant drop from the 75 thousand quintals exported the year before. This decline has also affected economic income, with a staggering 50.7 percent decrease reported by the Honduran Coffee Institute (Ihcafé), dropping from 17.02 million dollars to 8.39 million within the same period. (Torres)

Despite these challenges, the current harvest stands at around 80%, indicating a potential 20% reduction compared to previous years. A notable trend among intermediaries and financially capable producers is the practice of storing coffee to await better price differentials in the international market. However, feedback from buyers suggests that coffee stock in warehouses is considerably lower than in previous harvests.

Amidst these developments, ElevaFinca is proud to offer high-quality coffee through the Aroma Café y Miel project. Our selection includes conventional, fair trade, organic, and RFA-certified coffees. We encourage buyers to take advantage of this opportunity as the harvest progresses rapidly, and a significant decrease in coffee flow is expected in the coming weeks.

The project brings together 12 cooperatives dedicated to honey, coffee, or timber. Here, we present highlights from 5 of the coffee cooperatives:

Map of all the coops implicated in the Aroma Café y Miel project in Honduras

1. Mixed Cooperative Montaña Verde (COMMOVEL) - Located in San Luis, Planes, Santa Barbara, this cooperative boasts Fairtrade, Organic, FLO ID 32227 certifications. With 169 members and an annual production of 28000 quintals of dry parchment, they offer 2 stocklot lots and 2 Fairtrade lots for this harvest.

2. Agricultural Cooperative Coffee Producer San Jose Limited (COCASJOL) - Situated in San José de Colinas, Santa Barbara, COCASJOL holds Organic and Fairtrade certifications, FLO ID 816. With 234 members and an approximate production of 8000 quintals of exportable gold, they offer 2 Fairtrade+Organic coffee lots.

These cooperatives hail from the Santa Barbara region, renowned for producing top-quality coffee. In 2023, they secured the first and second positions in the Cup of Excellence competition.

Productor Nelson Henriquez de la Cooperativa Mixta Libertad Limitada "COMILL" working on a coffee bed

Productor Nelson Henriquez de la Cooperativa Mixta Libertad Limitada "COMILL".

3. Mixed Cooperative La Libertad Limited (COMILL), situated in La Libertad, Comayagua, one of Honduras' top-producing departments. With 200 members and an organic certification, its farms thrive at altitudes of 750-1450 meters above sea level (masl), yielding approximately 6000 quintals of dry parchment annually. Presently, they offer 2 lots each of organic and conventional coffee. Notably, COMILL holds an exporter license and has successfully exported multiple lots in previous years.

4. Mixed Cooperative Cosecha Verde Limited (COMICOVEL), located in Jesús de Otoro, Intibucá. Holding Fairtrade, Organic, and Women's Hands certifications under FLO ID 38872, COMICOVEL boasts 210 members with farms ranging from 1000-1650 masl. With an annual production of 30000 quintals of dry parchment, they offer 5 lots of Fairtrade+Organic coffee. Renowned for their experience in exporting and delivering high-quality coffee, COMICOVEL stands as a reliable choice for discerning buyers.

5. Mixed Cooperative of Coffee Growers of the East (COMICAOL), nestled in El Paraíso, the eastern region of Honduras. With 120 dedicated members and farms spanning altitudes from 950 to 1400 meters above sea level (masl), COMICAOL is on the path towards Organic certification, exemplifying their commitment to sustainable practices. Presently, they provide a selection of conventional coffee, with an estimated annual production of 5000 quintals of gold. Despite their current focus on conventional coffee, COMICAOL's dedication to certification signals their proactive approach towards meeting evolving market demands.

It's important to note that there are further coffee offers from various cooperatives and producer associations across Honduras, holding Fairtrade, Organic, and RFA certifications, situated in the country's main coffee regions.

We hope this update provides valuable insights into the current coffee harvest in Honduras. ElevaFinca remains committed to connecting you with exceptional coffee offerings and supporting sustainable practices within the industry.

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