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Is this Level of Coffee Volatility the New Normal?

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

As we continue to celebrate the holiday season, our focus remains on monitoring a historic market level and unusual volatility. Is this the new normal or simply a spike in response to current global conditions? As we have witnessed in the past, since the early 1980's there have been three very noticeable spikes which all lasted for several months and in some cases a few years, but the inevitable return to lower prices always followed. On the other hand, no one knows what our futures will bear.

As ElevaFinca currently focuses on connecting roasters with our project in Sierra Nevada, Colombia with their main harvest is in full swing, we are also beginning to engage discussions with roasters and importers for planning out deliveries for the Peru harvest during the summer of 2022, where our team will be extending project and sourcing into the southern region of Cuzco near the city of Quillabamba. Although there are no fixed prices or contracts established at this time, we are actively connecting buyers with cooperatives so as the time nears, all parties will be in a firm position for sourcing the best qualities and necessary volume.

The future is impossible to accurately predict, but there is one reflection that reminds us of the famous scout motto that everyone should consider, to simply “Be Prepared”.

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