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Milestone Achieved: C-BOSAR Carbon Project Validated And Registered

We are thrilled to share some outstanding news from our Nature-Based Solutions team at Ecotierra (our parent company). The Forest of Flavor and Aroma carbon project (C-BOSAR) has been successfully validated and registered under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

C-Bosar and RioSierra Team on the field

Project Overview:

Launched in 2021, C-BOSAR is part of the RioSierra investment project funded by URAPI and operated by Ecotierra. This initiative is driving a transformative shift towards more sustainable agroforestry systems for coffee, cocoa, and honey production.

Key Achievements:

  • Impact on Producers: C-BOSAR aims to benefit over 2,000 producers and their families by establishing new agroforestry systems with coffee, cacao and honey.

  • Carbon Sequestration: The project is expected to sequester over 570,000 tonnes of CO2e over the next 30 years, contributing significantly to climate change mitigation.

  • Project Scope: Covering the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Sierra del Perijá regions in Colombia, C-BOSAR encompasses an area of 3,850 hectares with a project duration of 50 years.

Three-year-old coffee plantation in Peru

Three-year-old coffee plantation

Detailed Project Information:

  • Type: Afforestation, Reforestation, and Revegetation (ARR)

  • Project ID: 3970

  • Location: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Sierra del Perijá, Colombia

  • Duration: 50 years

  • Area: 3,850 hectares (objective)

  • Carbon Capture: 613,633 Verified Carbon Units (VCU) projected up to 2039

About the RioSierra Investment Projects:

The C-BOSAR project is directly linked to the RioSierra investment initiatives. Inspired by the vision of the URAPI fund, RioSierra has developed the Programa de Inversión y Fomento Agroindustrial (PIFA), promoting sustainable growth for small agricultural and agro-industrial businesses. RioSierra is dedicated to fostering responsible practices in key agricultural sectors, including coffee, cocoa, and honey production. By partnering with diverse stakeholders, RioSierra promotes value chains that prioritize environmental stewardship, empower local communities, and enhance economic resilience.

This validation marks the beginning of a journey full of opportunities and transformative potential. C-BOSAR sets a precedent for a greener, more prosperous, and sustainable future for all stakeholders involved.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our carbon projects you may contact Luis Salgado the head of the Nature-Based Solutions team.


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