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Urapi Invests $10.8 Million in a New Project. Promising Innovations For COCLA!

We're happy to share some exciting news that promises to uplift and transform the agricultural landscape and reinforce the coffee value chain in Peru's Quillabamba region. ElevaFinca is proud to announce Urapi's substantial investment of 10.8 million in our latest project titled Kuska. This initiative marks a significant step towards sustainable development and economic revitalization in the area.

Announcement of the Kuska project funded by Urapi

The Kuska Project is a collaboration between Urapi and the Central of Cooperatives COCLA  in Quillabamba Province, Cusco, Peru. COCLA, a renowned organization with over 1000 coffee, cocoa, and honey producers, holds immense potential for growth. The primary goal of the Kuska Project is to strengthen COCLA’s position as a leader in developing sustainable coffee, cocoa, and honey value chains.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategic Alliance: The project aims to create a robust partnership between Urapi and COCLA to sustainably support the coffee, honey and cocoa value chains in the region.

  • Operational Model: Kuska will operate under the proven model of previous Urapi Projects, establishing a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and a Canadian Company (CanCo) to oversee operations.

  • Local Impact: The project will focus on empowering local producers through financial support services, technical assistance, and risk reduction mechanisms.

  • Infrastructure Enhancement: Investments will be made to modernize COCLA's facilities, including its mill and agribusiness operations, to enhance productivity, efficiency, and provide the best quality processes possible.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Kuska will include carbon projects and reforestation efforts to promote environmental conservation and generate additional income streams.

Coffee producers form the Quillabamba region in Peru

Goals and Objectives over a period of 10 years:

Financial Support: Providing microcredit and financing technical packages to enhance farm productivity.

Infrastructure Development: Upgrading milling facilities, hydro power plants, and agribusiness operations to meet modern standards.

Market Expansion: Increasing sales volumes and revenue streams through enhanced marketing services and commercial strategies.

Partner Overview:

Founded in 1967, COCLA is a Central Producer Cooperative comprising 22 cooperatives with over 1,034 farmers and 4,000 hectares in production. Despite facing financial challenges, COCLA remains a leader in cooperative development in Peru. Certified by Fairtrade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, and REI Alliance, COCLA continues to produce high-quality coffee, cocoa, and honey products.

Women producer from the Quillabamba re

As we embark on this transformative journey with the Kuska Project, Ecotierra is committed to fostering sustainable growth, empowering local communities, and promoting environmental stewardship. Together with Urapi Sustainable Land use Fund, COCLA, and our dedicated partners, we look forward to realizing the full potential of this initiative and making a positive impact in the Quillabamba region.

Kuska concludes the investment of the Urapi Sustainable Fund. Urapi is now fully invested with $50M USD committed on the ground across four operational projects: Café Selva Norte (Peru), RioSierra (Colombia), and Aroma Café & Miel (Honduras). Stay tuned, as we will be back with new ideas and projects soon.

As ElevaFinca (Ecotierra’s Brand), we eagerly anticipate unveiling a new coffee offering from southern Peru in the coming months. We value your feedback and look forward to keeping you informed about the project's developments.

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