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On the Road with ElevaFinca

The past several years has developed challenging situations for producers and cooperatives seeking to strengthen market access with new roasters and direct relationships. With covid-19 global travel restrictions halting coffee-related origin trips for roasters and importers, the ability for vetting new suppliers have taken a toll on many of the cooperatives who remain ambitious to broaden their market potential.

As covid protocol has become more standardized and normalized, in addition to a growing number of available vaccinations, ElevaFinca is planning to attend and exhibit at several trade shows and conventions beginning with Coffee Fest in New York on March 6-8th at the Javis Center. If you are planning to attend Coffee Fest in NY, our team would love the opportunity to meet you. Please feel free to schedule a time with us here!

ElevaFinca is also excited to be exhibiting at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston on April 8-10, along with participation at the World of Coffee event in Warsaw, Poland from June 23-25th. In addition to these events, you’ll likely see our team attending several coffee events across the United States. We also plan to arrange specific trips to Peru and Colombia to strengthen coordination between clients and coffee cooperatives.

We are excited to meet you again during these events!

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