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Peruvian Producers' Dedication Unveiled

Over the past few decades, the coffee industry has witnessed a remarkable shift towards quality-focused production and consumption. Specialty coffee, often referred to as the "wine of coffee," represents a departure from the conventional approach. It emphasizes the unique flavors, aromas, and characteristics that each coffee bean possesses, akin to how distinct grape varieties create fine wines.

At the heart of specialty coffee lies the commitment to craftsmanship and precision. From the careful cultivation and harvesting of beans to the meticulous roasting and brewing techniques, every step is an art form in itself. This dedication results in a cup of coffee that tells a story - the story of the terroir, the hands that nurtured it, and the passion that drives it.

This week we wanted to Highlight the work of a few productors from Peru by bringing you testimonies from our Field technical team.

Angel Mariano Calle – Bosques Verdes

Angel Mariano Calle producer from Bosques Verdes

"Every endeavor reaps its own rewards," says Angel Mariano Calle, as he graciously opens his doors to us and proudly guides us through his plot. His contentment shines through as he witnesses the tangible manifestation of his agroforestry system in action. Situated in the village of Alto Perú - San José de Lourdes, at an elevation of 1400 meters above sea level, this plot belongs to Angel, a valued member of the Bosques Verdes cooperative.

José Rivera Chanta - Union y Fe

José Rivera Chanta producer from cooperative Union y Fe

We visited coffee producer José Rivera Chanta, who proudly displayed his first successful coffee harvest at an elevation of 1750 meters. His plot is in the Vira Vira hamlet, La Coipa district, and contributes to the Union y Fe cooperative's growth.

Dionicio Sánchez - Origin Coffee Lab

Dionicio Sánchez producer from the cooperative Origin Coffee Lab

As part of the CSN technical team, we take great satisfaction in providing continuous technical advice. It brings us even greater joy when our efforts bring a smile to the farmers' faces. We offer expert assistance in managing and installing agroforestry systems, with coffee varieties such as Geysha and Bourbon, along with forest species like red cedar and tecunumanii pine, at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. This support is provided to Dionicio Sánchez, who is associated with the Origin Coffee Lab organization." - Jhony Omar Montalvan Garcia at Café Selva Norte.

Modesto Chinguel – Cedros Café

Modesto Chinguel  producer from the Cedros Café

Coffee harvesting involves transporting the harvested coffee cherries from the farm to the wet processing mills. One such farmer, Modesto Chinguel from the CEDROS cooperative, faces the challenge of not having a proper road to facilitate the transportation of his product. As a solution, he relies on a pack animal, a horse, to carry his recently harvested coffee. In the image, you can see him preparing the horse to load the coffee. Modesto cultivates the Caturra Amarillo variety at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level in the Huaco - Huabal - Jaén area. His dedication to producing high-quality coffee has gained recognition from foreign customers who highly appreciate the flavor of his coffee.

Speciality coffee's rise showcases dedication to craftsmanship. Our Peruvian producers exemplify this commitment through their unique stories and expertise. Each cup tells a story, and each producer's journey is an integral part of this evolving narrative. As we savor each sip, let's remember the hands that nurtured the beans and the stories that enrich every brew.

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