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How we Provide Premium Transparency and Traceability.

We are excited to share our commitment to sustainability and transparency with you. At ElevaFinca, we believe that the journey of your coffee from farm to cup should be as transparent as possible. Our Premium Sustainability Package not only enhances your coffee sourcing experience but also provides comprehensive insights into every step of the process.

Café Selva Norte Dry Mill Worker evaluating coffee

Ensuring Transparency and Traceability, here’s how we do it in Peru!

Compiling the Green Coffee Transparency & Traceability Report

To ensure full transparency, Café Selva Norte utilizes the traceability software, MINKA (developed byEcotierra). This advanced tool allows us to monitor each agroforestry plot integrated into our carbon project, validated by the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard). Coordination between the Café Selva Norte land use team and the cooperative's technical team ensures accurate and reliable data collection.

Data Points and Metrics Tracked

We track a comprehensive set of indicators from plots financed by theUrapi Land Use Fundto guarantee transparency and traceability, including:

  • Georeferencing of Plots: Mapping the exact locations of the coffee farms within our carbon projects.

  • Origin of Genetic Material: Documenting the sources of coffee and forest species.

  • Varieties and Investments: Details on coffee varieties planted and capital investments in agroforestry systems.

  • Producer Information: Number of funded producers, gender distribution, impacted families, and hectares implemented.

  • Carbon and Productivity Metrics: Measuring carbon capture, coffee productivity, and evaluating pest and disease impact.

Information Collection

Our dedicated team at Café Selva Norte, along with allied cooperatives and Ecotierra, collects data using the Minka app. Technicians assigned to each area provide continuous support and technical follow-up to the producers integrated into the project.

Risk Mitigation

To minimize the risk of misinformation or data loss, we follow a validated methodology under the VCS standard, with detailed manuals and additional measurement actions ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Involvement and Commitment of Cooperatives and Producers

Cooperatives partners from the CSN project proficient towards their commitment to sustainability. A binding "Participation Contract" ensures all parties are committed to sustainable practices and project goals.

Verification of Contributions

We conduct multiple annual visits to document compliance with sustainable practices and assess their impact on producers' quality of life, focusing on productivity improvements and environmental benefits.

Ripe peruvian coffee cherries on a branch

Overcoming Logistical Challenges

Logistical Challenges and Solutions

Transitioning to sustainable agriculture in geographically dispersed plots requires significant logistics and coordination. We address these challenges through robust technical support and close collaboration with cooperatives.

Feedback Mechanisms

We implement efficient communication channels, including physical mailboxes in cooperatives, to gather and address customer concerns and suggestions, ensuring continuous improvement and responsiveness.

Sustainable Packaging and Transportation

We prioritize contamination-free packaging and use clean, well-maintained vehicles for transportation, minimizing environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

Logistics from Remote Areas

Producers coordinate transportation to cooperative collection points, often with cooperative support, to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly logistics.

Innovative Logistics Solutions

We employ sustainable practices, such as zero chemical use in the coffee value chain and resource optimization during post-harvest processes, to enhance efficiency and sustainability.

Peruvian coffee forest road.

ElevaFinca’s Premium Sustainability Package

By choosing our Premium Sustainability Package for an additionalUSD 0.05per pound, you support our fieldwork and the cooperatives within our alliance. This package includes:

  • Green Coffee Transparency & Traceability Report: Comprehensive details on the cooperatives, project activities, producers, coffee types, quantities, and carbon offsetting.

  • Carbon Offset Certificate: Official certification of your carbon offset contributions.

Benefits of the Premium Package

  • Investment in Cooperatives: Enhancing incomes and improving livelihoods through farm renovations, increased productivity, and quality improvements.

  • Quality Improvement: Training and investments in wet processing, drying equipment, and quality control capacities.

  • Social and Environmental Impact: Recognition for positive impacts from our field activities, including carbon credit generation.

By selecting our Premium Sustainability Package, you become a partner in a large-scale sustainable value chain project, contributing to the prosperity and sustainability of coffee-growing communities.

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