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What is the ElevaFinca Premium Sustainability Package?

Thank you for following our articles and for your interest in our origin projects. This week we are focusing on ElevaFinca’s Premium Sustainability Package. Within every coffee contract, a buyer has the option to add the ElevaFinca Premium for an additional 0.05 USD/lb premium. A few more cents within each contract allow us to strengthen fieldwork activities and related projects within the alliance of coffee cooperatives.

What is the ElevaFinca Premium Sustainability Package?

By selecting the ElevaFinca sustainability package you become a partner of a large-scale sustainable value chain project and contribute to increasing its impacts by:

  • Investing in partner cooperatives and their producers to increase incomes and improve livelihoods via renovation of their farms, increases in productivity and quality.

  • Improving coffee quality via training and investments in wet processing, drying equipment and quality control capacities.

  • Gaining recognition for social and environmental impacts resulting from field activities, e.g. via the generation of carbon credits.

With the purchase of the ElevaFinca premium, we offset the carbon footprint of your containers and you receive a green coffee traceability and sustainability report that is tailored to each purchase. This report includes:

  • Key information on the cooperatives and pictures.

  • Information on the project activities linked with the purchase.

  • The list of productors involved, types of coffee, and quantities.

  • Carbon offset certificates.

Carbon Offsetting

In the coming years, ELEVAFINCA will generate carbon credits from our own reforestation and conservation projects like the Café Selva Norte project i.e. from within the coffee supply chain. But until our trees have grown enough, the ElevaFinca premium carbon credits are from a partner project, the Madre de Dios Amazon REDD project, which conserves 100,000 hectares of rainforest located in the Peruvian Amazon. The region of Madre de Dios, also known as the biodiversity capital of Peru, is confronting new challenges related to illegal mining and timber activities. The project protects the rainforest while promoting sustainable economic activities.

Impact the lives of coffee farmers and reduce your carbon footprint. An article by Algrano

Recently, Luiza Pereira Furquim, Project Manager at Algrano wrote about the ElevaFinca Premium. For the outro of this newsletter, here’s the closing statement of her article: “ECOTIERRA’s Deputy CEO Guillaume Nadeau urges roasters to support cooperatives, after thousands of Peruvians were dragged to poverty as a result of COVID-19, the economy is in recession and coffee prices skyrocketed. “Coops face a big challenge as private buyers have more investing capacity to buy coffee at higher prices,” he explains, speaking about conventional coffee at market rates. But private buyers don’t provide continued support to growers... “Coops are key in the sustainable development of these communities due to their long-term involvement with their members. And why not support coops through ElevaFinca? This way a portion of their funds returns to agroforestry and capacity-building projects.” … Read Algrano’s full article here.


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