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Together, let’s make a sustainable difference


What is Eleva Finca

ElevaFinca is an alliance between Latin American small producers’ organizations, ECOTIERRA, a Canadian-based sustainable agroforestry project developer, and
the fund Urapi Sustainable Land Use.
Our unique, integrated soucing model ties traceability, quality and sustainability.



The ElevaFinca Difference

Coffee from sustainable agroforestry projects
Direct from smallholder farmers’ cooperatives


Consistent quality in coffee and service level
Independent quality control lab at origin


Carbon-neutral transportation (port to port)
Carbon offsets from the coffee value-chain


Access to sustainability impact indicators
social, environmental and economic


Communication content for CSR reporting
through Minka proprietary monitoring platform

Trilingual dedicated sales and traffic team at origin

The ELEVA FINCA Difference

  • Commodities from sustainable agriculture projects

  • Produced by small farmers collective organizations

  • Carbon-neutral transportation (port to port)

  • Access to Minka: real time reporting platform

  • Access to carbon offset from your value-chain

  • Communication content for your CSR reporting


# of tree planted

# of producers' involved in the projects

# of hectares in conservation

# of hectare converted to sustainable agriculture

Producers income increase

Carbon capture



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