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Urapi's $50M Fund: Breaking Deforestation and Poverty Cycle 🌳

Amidst the intricate tapestry of sustainable transformation in the coffee industry, Urapi quietly emerges as a catalyst for positive change. Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund is a private equity fund of 50M created to break the cycle of deforestation and poverty faced by small producers in forest frontier areas. Its story isn't just about finances or numbers; it's a tale of dedication to a brighter future. In this exploration, we delve into the essence of Urapi, tracing its beginnings, understanding its mission, and uncovering its steadfast commitment to sustainability and meaningful impact. We will also explore how Urapi, Ecotierra, and ElevaFinca are interconnected entities within the same ecosystem.

Urapi’s Collaborative Approach and Integrated Solutions Urapi fosters collaborative partnerships with smallholders, cooperatives, and associations, committed to long-term engagement spanning 10 to 15 years. Its approach involves crafting and integrating diverse solutions across their value chains, encompassing essential aspects like input supply, farmer financing, technical guidance for enhanced quality and productivity, strategies for income diversification, and effective marketing of superior products at advantageous prices. Where It All Began In 2011, Ecotierra, the project operator company, started a journey with NGOs, governments, and private partners to pioneer projects in agroforestry, carbon finance, and cooperative enhancement. Within this context, Ecotierra realized the limits of existing models. The search for a comprehensive, lasting approach that could truly make a difference for small-scale producers and the environment became paramount.

Introducing Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund The idea of a long-term model crystallized in 2016 with the launch of the Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund. It officially took center stage at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23) in 2017. Starting with an initial closing of $30 million in 2018, followed by a second closing of $50 million in 2021, the fund's focus centers on investing in sustainable agroforestry projects aimed at addressing climate change.

Driving Positive Change Urapi invests in community-centered agroforestry projects across Latin America, yielding not just financial returns but also creating significant social and environmental impacts. The foundation of Urapi lies in long-term financing that adheres to strict environmental and social standards, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Transparency is key, as evident in its integrated impact tracking and reporting solution.

The Role of ElevaFinca Within this ecosystem, Urapi plays the role of social lender and fund, while Ecotierra manages the projects. ElevaFinca adds another layer to this collaboration. To serve as a bridge, Ecotierra launched the ElevaFinca brand. ElevaFinca represents products cultivated by alliances of cooperatives actively engaged in agroforestry initiatives, supported by the Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund. ElevaFinca's purpose goes beyond representation; it acts as a facilitator, tailoring solutions to align with product sale goals, environmental concerns, and social impact. Positioned at the core of the cooperative alliance, ElevaFinca connects buyers with a diverse range of choices and ensures reliable procurement services.

A Legacy of Change Urapi's legacy spans five operational years, encompassing a $14.6 million investment in Latin American agroforestry projects and multiple ongoing initiatives. This legacy speaks to Urapi's significant impact in breaking the cycle of deforestation and poverty faced by small producers on the forest frontiers. Collaborative efforts across various sectors highlight a collective dedication to lasting transformation, driven by Urapi's enduring vision for a sustainable future.

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