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Advancing Into The Third Year: Exciting Updates From The CSN Mill

We are delighted to share updates from the Café Selva Norte Mill as we enter its third year of operation. Our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability has led to promising new developments that we are eager to highlight.

Cimbria Machinery at the CSN Mill in Peru

Enhancements at the CSN Mill

We are proud to announce the implementation of new members to our Quality Control team at the CSN Mill, aimed at refining the coffee sorting process. These Q-Graders are dedicated to ensuring that each lot meets the highest standards of quality, with improved physical characteristics.

Furthermore, we have installed an additional dust extraction system to minimize manual tasks and further reduce dust emissions from the mill. This investment underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship and the well-being of our workers.

Verliza Alberca Enríquez, Q-Grader at CSN Mill

Verliza Alberca Enríquez, Q-Grader at CSN

Increased Demand for Processing Services

Thanks to our continuous improvement efforts, we have experienced a remarkable increase of over 95% in the number of small producer organizations seeking coffee processing services at the CSN Mill. More than 50% of these organizations are now producing certified organic coffees, reflecting a growing commitment to sustainable farming practices.

Financial Support for Capacity Building

For the past four years, Café Selva Norte (CSN) has been providing additional financial support to our allies as part of our sustainable land use program. This support enables our partners to pay their members in cash for the coffee they harvest each season. The primary goal of this initiative is to ensure the financial stability of vulnerable organizations, allowing them to meet the expectations of their partners and clients.

CSN Team standing in front of the Mill

CSN Team. 

Moreover, this practice strengthens the commercial capacity of economically stable organizations. By investing in sustainable farming practices, stable organizations can further enhance their agricultural practices. In 2023, we extended this financial support to non-allied organizations as well, providing credits to 10 organizations.

At ElevaFinca, we remain committed to driving positive change in the coffee industry through innovation, sustainability, and collaboration. We are grateful for your continued partnership and support as we work towards a more sustainable and equitable future for coffee production.

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