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Contract Period: Planning & Offers

The first week of each month throughout 2022, our blog will highlight suggested action items and reminders for green-coffee buyers to successfully contract their desired volumes, qualities, and delivery times for the Peruvian harvest season.

February has arrived with a list of updated offers from several cooperatives and producers in the northern regions of Peru. It is an exciting time for cooperatives to start locking in contracts to secure sufficient harvest capital (contracts are considered a form of collateral with banks or lenders) for the upcoming harvest. With importers and roasters offering their commitments early in the harvest season, cooperatives are often more financially secure and equipped to fund the proper infrastructure, field management, and membership activities that are necessary for a successful harvest.

As roasters and importers are developing new partnerships in Peru, early February is a great time to arrange for type samples to help identify cup qualities and certifications needed for the upcoming harvest season. This will provide cooperatives and exporters the necessary time to find the best producer, producer group, or cooperative to best suit your requests.

If you are planning to continue relationships from a previous year with similar volume, quality, and delivery terms from the same producer or cooperative, it is highly advisable to begin discussing these needs as early as February. This could be as simple as an email or phone call to start planning forward. This will put your request and interest on their radar, especially when cooperatives and producers are making their first harvest projections for the coming year.

We look forward to working with you, and please do not hesitate to call or email sample requests to begin a discussion with the cooperatives participating in sustainability projects with ECOTIERRA.

For an overview of the entire annual calendar of activities, download here.


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