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It’s Summertime In South America!

For many coffee growers, the summer months are a time for rejuvenation, reflection, celebration, and preparation for the next harvest. Peru experiences the wettest months at higher elevations, while Lima and the coastal areas experience warmer temperatures. As the fourth quarter of the year comes to a completion, a vast majority of the Peruvian coffee harvest has been contracted with very few offers remaining.

From November through February, ElevaFinca’s team in Peru focuses on providing technical assistance in the field with the implementation of fertilizer, establishing nurseries for new coffee seedlings and shade trees, along with pruning activities for both coffee and shade trees within the agroforestry systems managed by coffee producers.

As our trading and sales team continues to connect clients with these remaining inventories in Peru, conversations continue to focus on gathering shipping instructions and monitoring dry milling processing and fulfillment activities.

ElevaFinca transitions sales to Colombia for promoting coffee produced by project partners from the main harvest currently underway in Santa Marta de Sierra Nevada. Please connect with our sales team to discover some of the best Fairtrade and organic offerings from northern Colombia.

Our latest coffee offer is constantly updated here


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