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May Coffee Harvest Update

This week we highlight suggested action items and reminders for green-coffee buyers to successfully contract their desired volumes, qualities, and delivery times for the Peruvian harvest season.

As you may know, securing contracts for coffee to be shipped in May allows for possible arrivals in late July or early August to domestic ports. By the middle of May, coffees grown at lower elevations are harvesting in full swing. Producers and cooperatives are delivering parchment to export warehousing by the end of May or early June. Producers and coops begin to forecast yield projections from higher elevations and begin to send offers. Late May is a great time to request offer samples for June shipment, which will often result in August arrivals to most domestic ports.

Two beautiful parrots on a branch in the forest of Colombia

Update from Peru

90% of the producers have initiated the collection of coffee in the north and south of Peru. For the 2023 campaign, according to estimates made by field technicians, the productivity is 20% greater than last year. Even the harvest has been having an early start. We have noticed that Prices are regularizing in the market. A coffee of 68 Yield’s approximate price is S/. 650.00 (185.00 USD). In general, the Cup quality is optimal.

Currently, all the cooperatives are waiting for contracts to be financed to start the collection of coffee from their members. This year will be a difficult year for loans since 2022 had a lot of over-indebtedness of cooperatives and a lack of payment.

Coffee flowers in the fields of Colombia

Update from Colombia

In general terms, there was good coffee blooming in the areas of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. In comparison to the previous year, we can estimate an increase between 15% and 20%. However, we are currently in a period of drought. Usually, it is rainy during the month of April, but lately, the weather has been very irregular. As some regions are seeing intense drought, a few other areas are having heavy rains with hail in the last 15 days.

Between 60 to 180 days after flowering, the grains require more water and nutrients. So far, the weather situations for the 2023/2024 harvest season are not ideal. There may be defects in both the physical and the organoleptic quality of the grain.

At a general level in Colombia, according to data from the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, the current harvest shows a 6% decrease in production.

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