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Optimizing Peru Coffee Inventory Positioning for 2022

Updated: May 18, 2022

The first week of each month throughout 2022, our blog will highlight suggested action items and reminders for green-coffee buyers to successfully contract their desired volumes, qualities, and delivery times for the Peruvian harvest season.


ElevaFinca continues to provide updated early harvest offers from the alliance of cooperatives and producers in the northern regions of Peru. Rising concerns with the recent lockdowns in China have caused additional global supply chain issues. Uncertainty remains, which lends to the need to remain diligent yet flexible with scheduling shipments and delivery expectations throughout the 2022 harvest season.

Pivot Your Ports

ElevaFinca is well-positioned with multiple U.S. importers offering warehouse and port options for delivery to Houston, Continental NJ, Annex Oakland, and TGR Seattle. In addition, several of our primary importation relationships offer back-to-back FCL bookings, spot positions, and competitive rates on additional services (warehousing, financing, etc.). Our team would love to discuss widening your portfolio of importers and participate in evaluating options for discovering efficient quality services for your unique positions.

For roasters, ElevaFinca strives to ensure inventories are positioned with the right importer and cooperative or producer association to make your coffee as fresh and timely as possible during these global supply chain woes.

Secure Contracts Early

Securing contracts for coffee to be shipped in May normally would allow for possible arrival in late July or early August to global domestic ports. By the middle of May, coffees grown at lower elevations are harvesting in full swing. Producers and cooperatives are delivering parchment to export warehousing by the end of May or early June.

Producers and coops begin to forecast yield projections from higher elevations and begin to send offers. Late May is a great time to request offer samples for June shipment, which will often result in August arrivals to most domestic ports.

In the month of June, early crop shipments are hopefully in transit and on the water to arrive at domestic ports. Coffees harvested throughout the middle elevation zones are now in full swing.

For an overview of the entire annual calendar of activities, download here.


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