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RioSeirra will be a Pioneer in the Exportation of Colombian Honey

Coffee producers within Red Ecolsierra, an allied association of the RioSierra project located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region of Colombia, are involved with the commercialization and production of honey. The venture is managed by RioSierra, which created the Colombia Origins Honey brand. RioSierra plans to start its honey operations in the near future. For small producers, honey is a valuable by-product of producing coffee organically in agroforestry systems.

For the region, harvesting honey brings a wonderful opportunity to promote its potential and exceptional properties to various destinations worldwide. RioSierra aims to be a pioneer in the export of Colombian honey. The operation is funded by the Agroforestry Investment and Development Program (PIFA)

“Our Country is the owner of an exquisite floral diversity thanks to its positioning and geographical diversity. The flowers contribute to the definition of a wide variety of delicious honey. Our honey comes from different regions and multiple suppliers, mostly producer families and social-based organizations. With each sale, we promote the flavor and aroma of Colombia.”

Suppliers of Honey

Positioning Colombian Honey worldwide will require the construction of a complete supply chain from farm to port. In order to generate extra revenues for coffee producers in the region, the organization has developed methods to buy, process, and sell honey in bulk.

Buying Honey

Colombia Origins Honey buys and processes honey from different Colombian origins in their processing plant located in the city of Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia. They strive to operate under the principles of fair and ethical trade, and with a vision of responsible, sustainable, and profitable agribusiness for all parties.

Building Alliances

Colombia Origins Honey continues to build allies with whom they will generate shared value by boosting productive capacity and increasing volumes. They are currently adapting their facilities to begin their honey processing and collection plant.

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