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Travel Tips Colombia - Santa Marta

On the northern coastal area of Colombia rests a unique and vibrant coffee culture located in Santa Marta. As higher market prices for coffee allow producers to strengthen investments in coffee operations, so has the excitement to showcase their coffee quality to visiting coffee buyers. ElevaFinca and Riosierra are ready to receive clients interested in exploring relationships with the organizations based in the area.

This week we dedicate this article to travel suggestions for visiting Santa Marta. There are plenty of opportunities to arrange meetings and farm tours with participating producer organizations and their members. It is also suggested to enjoy some of the best beaches along the northern coast.

The offices of Riosierra and Ecotierra are located in downtown Santa Marta. The current green coffee warehouse is located approximately 30 minutes from the office. To visit producers associated with Riosierra, it will take between 3-6 hours one way, so it is advisable to allocate two days to field visits.

The Sierra Nevada, which is where most of the farms are located, is indigenous territory. The communities which produce coffee are the Arhuacos, Kowi, Wiwas, Kankuamos and Tayronas. Out of respect to the environment and the communities in these areas, it is advisable to act accordingly, leave no trace, and perhaps bring some cookies to share!

Arrival in Santa Marta:

International Arrivals to Barranquilla

Checking flights to Barranquilla may help avoid connections through Bogota and save on travel time. If you book for a direct arrival to Santa Marta, connections through Bogota will be likely, and more costly.

Barranquilla to Santa Marta

When arriving to Barranquilla, ElevaFinca’s team will be able to arrange a taxi or bus service to Santa Marta, which is usually between 2 to 3 hours drive time.

Photograph El Dorado Airport - taken from el Espectador

Staying in Santa Marta:

There are many hotel options in Santa Marta. Travelers of different budgets and tastes can find a range between resorts to business focused accommodations.

Marriott Resort:

Marriott Resort is a new hotel located 10 minutes from the Santa Marta airport. It is near Dormida beach, with plenty of tranquility and comfort. The rooms are equipped with comfortable beds and have ocean views.

Hilton Garden Inn Santa Marta:

The Hilton Garden Inn offers a more corporate, quiet environment where you can have business meetings either from the comfort of your room or from their fully equipped meeting rooms. Hilton Garden Inn overlooks the ocean and is located just a few meters from the historic center of Santa Marta. The Hilton Garden Inn has a restaurant, bar and pool.

Activities in Santa Marta

Tayrona Natural Park Santa Marta

As apart of your visit to Santa Marta, it is highly recommended to visit Tayrona Natural Park, which is characterized as one of the main attractions of Santa Marta, with some of the best accessible beaches to enjoy. Hiking through the park to Cabo San Juan will take a few hours, where you will be able to enjoy natural pools, restaurants, and plenty of scenery.

Minca: The Ecological Capital of Santa Marta

Minca is characterized by its beautiful natural landscapes. It is within the city and can be accessed by bus, private cars, public cabs, or motorcycle cabs. At Minca, you will find different ecological hostels near the main road and different typical restaurants representing regional flavors. There are exquisite spas throughout the natural environment.

Santa Marta is an enjoyable city with plenty of activity and accommodations to help rest before and after visiting with producer groups.

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