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Welcome To The RioSierra Coffee Dry Mill – Santa Marta, Colombia

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

The newly equipped dry milling facility will be built in a recently purchased warehouse location near Puerto del Sol Industrial Park. The facility is only five minutes from the port of Santa Marta, Colombia. Renovations and the newly installed processing equipment are expected to be completed and fully operational by October of this year.

The RioSierra Mill will provide services to clients throughout the Ecolsierra Network, however the facility will seek strategic alliances with producer organizations in the region, and thereafter seek relationships at a national level. One of the main goals will be to seek partnerships that will last over time with organizations that share our business vision and shared values, including agricultural programs that establish agroforestry systems, provide access to working capital and infrastructure improvement projects, along with environmental sustainability projects such as investments in biofertilizer production.

The concept for the newly constructed RioSierra mill focuses on generating trust with customers while providing high-quality coffee processing services. This new mill is differentiated through the following four pillars:

  • Machinery and Equipment

The mill will utilize new technologically advanced processing equipment to increase production efficiencies, improve coffee cup qualities, and lower overall processing times. The investments in newer equipment will also lower energy consumption, create a zero-dust emissions work environment, and provide a better cost-benefit ratio for coffee producers and their associations.

  • Integrity and Trust

With this new milling operation, we will have the infrastructure to provide clear and accurate identification for our production lines and each batch processed. The processing will be accessible and visible for the customer to participate in the processing steps. In addition to creating a dust-free working environment, the facility will provide good lighting, improved processing reports, and the capacity to provide thorough training for staff members.

  • Quality Control

The facility will secure certifications for good manufacturing processes. The production line will be more automated with less necessary intervention from staff members. Operational goals include the application of continuous cleaning and organization throughout the plant. Systems are in place to help optimize and improve inventory control management and reporting.

  • Proximity to Port

The storage facility for dry parchment will be located only five minutes from the Port of Santa Marta. The dry mill will also provide capacities for producing micro-lots and allow for free storage for up to 15 days prior to export. The facility will include a quality control lab that will provide cup profiling, bag printing, and the ability to develop commercial markets with new specialty coffee buyers from abroad.

RioSierra will be pioneer in achieving a dry mill that is able to provide high-quality standards. This will be reflected in higher volumes of specialty coffees and better incomes for coffee producers. It is expected to have an annual processing capacity of 4,800,000 kg of coffee and an hourly average of 110 kg of coffee, of which 95% is estimated to be dry parchment (CPS), 2% Natural, 1% Honey and 2% micro-lots.

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