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Ecotierra's Ecosystem

Happy New Year to all! We're thrilled for 2024 as we embark on exciting projects and initiate collaborations with new origins (Honduras, Aroma Café y Miel). As the year unfolds, we've taken steps to refine our image by visually capturing the synergy among all of Ecotierra's entities.

New Ecotierra Ecosystem logo

We've aptly named this new logo positioning "Ecosystem." This fresh representation is symbolized by a sphere inspired by Ecotierra's wave logo, emphasizing the unity of entities working in harmony.

Roles of Our Entities:

  • Ecotierra is a unique, holistic, sustainable agroforestry project developer and operator.

  • The Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund mitigates land degradation and climate change by investing in community agroforestry projects and sustainable supply chains.

  • ElevaFinca represents commodities produced from an alliance of cooperatives participating in agroforestry projects launched and financed by Urapi Sustainable Land Use Fund a private equity fund.

  • Café Selva Norte, Urapi's inaugural venture, collaborates with 10 northern Peruvian cooperatives to combat land degradation. We provide financial backing for farm renovation and agroforestry, operate a cutting-edge mill co-owned by cooperatives, and generate carbon credits through VCS-certified projects, enhancing value for both cooperatives and members.

  • RioSierra, situated in Colombia's Sierra Nevada National Park buffer zone, collaborates with Red Ecolsierra, a group of 22 coffee farmer associations with a rich history of entrepreneurial ventures. Backed by Urapi's investment, RioSierra empowers Red Ecolsierra and other cooperatives to achieve its full environmental and social potential, fostering sustainable development.

  • The Honduras Aroma Café y Miel Project, a strategic alliance between Urapi and 12 cooperatives in Honduras, is dedicated to advancing sustainable development in coffee and honey value chains. Focused on financing agroforestry initiatives, enhancing processing capabilities, and facilitating direct market access, the project strives for holistic and impactful growth.

Computer showing Urapi's new website and a coffee

New Urapi Website

Urapi unveils its new website, a platform that reflects our commitment to sustainable land use and community-driven initiatives. Explore our site to discover the various projects we're involved in and learn more about our impact targets. We invite you to navigate through the pages to gain insights into how Urapi is contributing to mitigating climate change and promoting responsible agroforestry practices. Find our detailed impact targets here and join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and resilient future. Visit Urapi's new website here.

Our latest coffee offer is constantly updated here

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