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Finca Escuela, a New Model Farm

García Rodríguez from Café Selva Norte (Origin Project) provided insight on Finca Escuela, a new model farm and agricultural learning center for coffee producers and associated organizations.

Café Selva Norte established Finca Escuela as a place where agricultural professionals have developed demonstration and test plots for observing coffee variety yield potential, disease resistance, and coffee agroforestry design and practices.

Producers participating through their cooperatives can visit Finca Escuela to receive coffee and forestry seedlings from the nursery. Producers also have the opportunity to interact with other coffee farmers and agricultural technicians. The field school provides an educational space for producers to share their personal experiences and opinions in the field with technicians, leading to further improvements for both agricultural technicians and coffee producers. Model farms also serve as a place for exchanging information on market conditions, while sharing conversations that build respect for the environment and sustainable practices.

Finca Escuela recently installed irrigation systems for their nursery to produce seedlings for alliance members and external clients. Café Selva Norte has delivered over 150,000 coffee seedlings to participants, including organizations such as Origin Coffee Lab and Gallito de las Rocas. Distributing coffee seedlings with good genetic quality and traceability is one of the most important steps to improving sustainable production, while also being highly desirable by coffee producers.

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